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First, Middle & Last Mile Delivery

For retailers, back-end leg of the supply chain has quietly sparked a flurry of innovation..

The “middle mile” — the part of the supply chain in which goods are shipped from a supplier’s warehouse to a retail store — might not have the buzz or high profile of last-mile delivery, but a growing number of retailers see middle-mile logistics as a quick path toward slashing delivery costs. For these companies, focusing on this often-overlooked part of the supply chain could make them more competitive as the online delivery space grows more crowded.


  • A first-mile tracking platform ensures end-to-end visibility
  • delivery progress right from a parcel's movement
  • Businesses can track where a parcel is anywhere and anytime in its first-mile
  • Warehouse to a hub where it's forwarded further to mid and final-mile processes.
  • The last mile delivery is to deliver the package to the customers as quickly as possible. Last mile is considered as the most important element in the logistics and supply chain business.
First, Middle & Last Mile Delivery in Bangalore